16 Apr 2024

Manuel Hepfer, Research Affiliate at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Manuel is a Research Affiliate at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, and a Research Analyst at ISTARI, a global cybersecurity platform that was established by the Singaporean investment company Temasek to help companies build cyber-resilience.

Manuel holds a DPhil in Cybersecurity and Management Studies from Saïd Business School. He studied under the joint supervision of Professor Thomas C Powell and Professor Thomas B Lawrence. He is a continuing member of Linacre College.

Prior to his DPhil, Manuel received his Master of Science with distinction from the London School of Economics, where he studied Management, Information Systems, and Digital Innovation. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Management.


  • cybersecurity
  • organisational resilience
  • strategic management


Manuel’s research examines the resilience of companies in the face of cyberattack. The aim of his research is to understand the origins and nature of organisational resilience, and to explain the role of organisational resilience in producing strategic advantage and superior returns.

Using comparative research methodologies, he investigates why companies anticipate and respond differently to serious cyberattacks.

His research has won several awards.


The CEO Report on Cyber Resilience
Industry Report  |  3-2023 
Manuel Hepfer, Rashmy Chatterjee, Michael Smets

Building cyber resilience before the next attack occurs
Journal article  |  MIT Sloan Management Review   |  5-2022 
Manuel Hepfer, Thomas B. Lawrence, Julian Meyrick, Pompeo D'Urso

The heterogeneity of organizational resilience: Exploring functional, operational and strategic resilience
Journal article  |  Organization Theory   |  3-2022 
Manuel Hepfer, Thomas B. Lawrence 

Make cybersecurity a strategic asset 
Journal article  |  MIT Sloan Management Review   |  8-9-2020 
Manuel Hepfer, Thomas Powell

A CEO and investor’s view on cybersecurity and resilience 
Interview  |  ISTARI Perspectives  |  9-2021 
CHIA Song Hwee, Manuel Hepfer

The Cybersecurity Wake-Up Call 
Book Excerpt  |  Financial Times  |  11-2021


Manuel has taught undergraduate students, MBA students and managers in Oxford’s executive programmes.

 : https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/about-us/people/manuel-hepfer