Subscription fees are calculated on your organisation’s income. The subscription year starts on April 1 and is pro rata for organisations that join during the year.

Category Band Income Bands Subscriptions
A Up to £499k Free for 2023/24. Usually £250.*
B £500k to £1m Free for 2023/24. Usually £500.*
C £1-4M £945
D £5 – 10m £1,545
E £11 – 20m £2,190
F £21 – 30m £2,925
G £31 – £40m £4,030
H £41 – £50m £4,165
I £51m and over £6,230

VODG Articles of Association can be read here.*As VODG responds to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are waiving subscription fees for smaller organisations.

VODG Terms & Conditions can be accessed here.