Aurora Nexus

Aurora Nexus has been providing support to people with learning disabilities since 1993. We are based in South East London and are a registered provider with the Care Quality Commission.

We are committed to supporting people with learning disabilities and/or autism to maximise their independence

We believe that increasing the choice and control people have over their own lives enhances their dignity and freedom and will enhance and protect the quality of their lives. A key element of having a good life is choice and control. Clear and timely Information is needed for an individual to have either. To help us listen carefully to people we use a range of tools and methods of communication.

We have particular strengths and experience in supporting people with autism and people who may challenge services due to the complexity of their support needs.

We promote the use of total communication environments as part of our support packages. The organisations values are clearly aligned to a Positive Behaviour Support approach and our frontline managers and team leaders have undertaken the PBS Coaching programme to further ensure PBS is embedded in our organisations culture.

We work alongside a range of local organisations to ensure that we are encouraging people we support to be part of their local communities, outside of traditional learning disability groups.

The support we provide depends on what people need and want. We provide 24-hour support, seven days a week, for people with complex needs

We can provide support for people living in their own home or with families for just a few hours a week or longer, to get involved in their local communities, access education and work opportunities or support with health and leisure.