Buying Technology | How to Select and Implement Your IT Partners

The selection and purchase of IT systems are a critical topic for many care providers. Join us for an engaging conversation on best practices.

The purchase and selection of IT systems has become a hot topic for many care operators.  There is a general push towards “digitisation”, which for many starts with Digital Care Planning applications, and yet current market dynamics of some of the big IT providers are creating uncertainty about where to place reliance.  Join Christoph Marr, and selected VODG members, as he shares tips and learnings from his years supporting care operators with procurement programmes:

“We have an opportunity now to support care providers in selecting the right digital partners, whether for Digital Care Planning, Procurement, HR or Finance.  Creating a top-down strategic technology plan can be an excellent place to start, and helps avoid the risk of organisations building their tech capability bottom-up, based on legacy systems. Coherence is key.”

Come and hear him lead a lively discussion about best practices in the areas of:

  1. Designing the right top-down technology plan setting out the system requirements for the organisation, which disciplines they wish to digitise eg care planning, HR, Finance etc;

  2. Understanding the importance of integration and the inherent difficulties in getting different software providers to connect;

  3. Running a professional provider selection programme to find the right partner;

  4. How best to implement and manage selected supply partners.



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