Managing sector risks and issues as the UK leaves the EU

Following the historic EU referendum VODG launched a programme of work to support organisations through the uncertainties, challenges and to identify opportunities.

Risks and rights: how social care can survive Brexit illustrates the negative consequences for social care once Britain leaves the EU, such as a loss of EU care workers. It also suggests practical solutions to avoid further instability in the sector.

VODG has also prepared a resource to help social care providers assess the risks and opportunities facing the sector. Brexit: risk register and mitigation plan for social care providers, has been developed with VODG members. The resource takes the key Brexit risks that are likely to impact on providers and suggests some possible actions to mitigate them.

An earlier report on the impact for social care provider organisations set out the issues to consider when planning strategy, services and workforce. It examines the ramifications of different visions of Brexit – so called “hard Brexit” and “soft Brexit” – depending on how close a relationship the UK retains with the EU and its access to the single market.

Our first report, immediately after the referendum, showed how the decision to leave the EU heightens previously established priorities for voluntary sector organisations – funding, workforce, policy and regulation – as well as creating additional concerns such community cohesion, maintaining rights-based approaches and the risk of distracting attention from domestic policy.

The decision to leave the EU reinforces the importance of a workforce perspective for disability organisations. VODG is a member of the Cavendish Coalition, which brings together health and social care organisations united by a campaign for EU citizens, working in the sector, to have a right to remain.