09 Mar 2020

VODG supports calls for parity of pay for social care workforce

VODG has this week joined forces with former health ministers and other health and social care sector leaders to call on the government for parity of pay for the social care workforce.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, which was also featured in the Times newspaper, VODG joined signatories including cross party politicians, sector coalitions, trade associations, trade unions, voluntary sector organisations and individual care organisations in urging the government to seize the opportunity and radically reform the social care sector. The letter called for progress on reform to be based on three principles:

  • A comprehensive social care workforce strategy
  • A substantial and immediate funding boost for social care
  • Parity of esteem for, and integration of, the social care sector and the NHS
In a separate open letter, led by ACEVO, to the Health Minister, we called on the government to reconsider its decision to not include social care workers in the pay increase award for public sector workers and for the Treasury to release additional ring-fenced money to local authorities to ensure everyone working in social care, including personal assistants, can be paid the real living wage.Open letter to the Prime Minister ACEVO letter to Helen Whately, Minister for Care