20 Oct 2022

VODG Responds to the Care Quality Commission’s State of Care Report

The Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) State of Care report describes a health and social care system in gridlock and this is clearly having a huge negative impact on people’s experiences of care.

In response, Dr Rhidian Hughes, Chief Executive at the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group said:

“We stand for a society where disabled people flourish and draw on care and support to enable independent and fulfilling lives.

There is no question that this country faces some substantial challenges. Resolving the health and social care gridlock described by the regulator must be firmly front and centre in government’s response.

Social care is in a fragile and unsustainable position. Every day, charities make harsh decisions about the services they are able to offer to disabled people, whether the costs of services can be covered by commissioners and if they have the workforce available to meet people’s needs.

Government has the power to repair the gridlock reported by CQC, but political distractions and turbulence risk setting us off course. Government should provide £500million in financial support to enable social care services to overcome the difficult winter ahead. With a shared social care vision for the future, adequate funding and better pay and security for the workforce we can enable millions of disabled people to live independent and fulfilling lives.”


*VODG is the national infrastructure body representing organisations within the voluntary sector who work alongside disabled people. Our members’ work is focused on enabling disabled people of all ages to live the lives they choose. VODG believes that an ambitious, trusted and vibrant voluntary sector that works together plays a unique role in achieving this aim. VODG members work with around a million disabled people, employ more than 85,000 staff and have a combined annual turnover in excess of £2.8 billion.