18 Oct 2019

Survey launched to help increase uptake of annual health checks

VODG is working together with Skills for Care, Learning Disability England and the National Development Team for Inclusion to learn more about the provision and awareness of annual health checks and any barriers or challenges to accessing them.

Annual health checks were introduced in 2008/09 to help people with learning disabilities stay well by finding out about any health problems early, so people can access the right care and support. GPs are not required to offer annual health checks, although those that don’t should signpost to an alternative surgery offering the service.

A survey has now been launched and is aimed at people with a learning disability (and family members and carers), GPs and health and social care providers that support people with a learning disability.

The survey, which is funded by Health Education England and open until 25 November, is specifically looking at the uptake of annual health checks across the south of England but the partnership is interested in responses from wider geographical areas as a point of comparison.

The survey is being hosted on the Skills for Care website here.