13 Dec 2019

Put disabled people at the heart of all future policy - VODG chief executive comments on the General Election result

With the result of the 12 December General Election now decided, VODG (the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group) looks forward to working with the new government to prioritise a progressive agenda that puts disabled people’s lives at the heart of social policy decision-making.

VODG believes that disabled people should have timely access to services that support them to live the lives they wish whether that is social care, special educational needs, housing or employment services. Indeed, VODG’s vision is of a world where disabled people have full choice and control over their lives.

Dr Rhidian Hughes, VODG chief executive, said:

“The formation of a new government presents the country’s new leaders with an opportunity to commit to funding the reform of the social care system so that it is resourced and supported to be both responsive and preventative.”

“For far too long successive governments have overlooked the investment and reform of the social care system, including the ongoing delay to the long-awaited adult social care green paper.”

In its manifesto, the Conservative Party stated that, because social care is a “long-term problem” the party will “build a cross-party consensus to bring forward an answer that solves the problem, commands the widest possible support, and stands the test of time”. VODG stands ready to hold the government to account on this pledge.

Dr Hughes goes on to say:

“High quality support services for disabled people can be transformative. Now is the time to find solutions that enable older and disabled people to have full choice and control over their lives. We stand ready to help policy makers achieve this vision.”