19 Feb 2020

“Hugely concerning” points-based immigration proposals will create instability in the social care labour market

The Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) which represents disability support charities is extremely concerned about government’s points based immigration proposals. VODG believes these proposals will create instability in the social care labour market.

If implemented, the proposals mean that no one can enter the country to take a carer role at a time when the sector is chronically short of staff. It is vital that the sector is sufficiently resourced to ensure social care providers are able to recruit and retain its workforce. VODG believes that government must act to protect a vital public service.

VODG chief executive Dr Rhidian Hughes said:

“These hugely concerning proposals by government will only exacerbate workforce shortages in social care. Employers are already struggling to recruit and retain staff due to chronic underfunding in the sector. Central government now needs to significantly strengthen investment in the sector. Without that investment we should be in no doubt that in some geographical areas where organisations are struggling to secure staff, these proposals will signal the end of essential social care services.”

For many providers, retaining adequate staffing levels is a significant challenge for a number of reasons. The increasing complexity of the care needs of people who use services is one such reason – social care work is becoming more skilled and specialised. Government’s proposals fail to recognised this.