31 Oct 2019

Changing the social care story – VODG welcomes new Social Care Future report

VODG welcomes the publication of Talking about a brighter social care future, a new research report exploring how social care is talked about by campaigners, reported in the media and thought about by the public.The research, as part of the Social Care Future initiative, reveals that views about social care dominate as a ‘problem to be fixed’ rather than a ‘solution’. The report offers solutions and a clear vision for a Social Care Future.

Imagine a world where we all get to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love, doing what matters to us in communities where we look out for one another.

VODG chief executive Rhidian Hughes said:

“This incredibly important and thought-provoking report shines the light on how social care is discussed. With this fresh perspective on how we portray our own sector we will be much better placed to collectively transform social care and make our collective vision for the future a reality.

Talking about a brighter social care future can be downloaded from the Social Care Future website here. Also available in Easy Read format here.