VODG welcomes the launch of Learning Disability England

LDE logo


Learning Disability England (LDE) is a new organisation launching on 14 June 2015. It brings together three groups of people – people with learning disabilities; their families and friends; and the organisations and people who work with them.

Speaking about the launch of Learning Disability England(LDE), chief executive of the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) Rhidian Hughes said:

“Learning Disability England will play a unique and pivotal role in putting the voices of people with learning disabilities at centre stage. We are delighted the organisation has arrived and look forward to working collaboratively with people with learning disabilities and their families to help shape progressive approaches to policy and practice”.

Gary Bourlet, co-founder of Learning Disability England said:

“LDE is important because we want self-advocates to work closely with families, carers and organisations that work with people with learning disabilities to come together and work together. For far too long we have been working separately and our voices have not been strong enough on our own to make change”.

Previously VODG and the Housing & Support Alliance worked in partnership on topics that mattered to both organisations. VODG and LDE will continue work collaboratively on the issues and priorities that are shared by both organisations and when they do so will seek to add value to joint work by harnessing the voice of people with learning disabilities.