VODG annual conference 2018 roundup

Monday 17th September saw members of VODG (the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group) come together with investors and sponsors for our annual conference focused on systems, leadership and social change. The full programme can be accessed hereThis is the event roundup. 

Steve Scown (chair of VODG) has called on the sector to contribute beyond its organisational boundaries. “We know parts of the system are gearing up for reform – progress in Manchester and other areas in devolving power to regions – the development of the long-term plan – continuing debates about integration and how much it may or may not be part of a funding solution. … As organisations we have a responsibility to challenge and improve our own organisations, but as leaders I believe our responsibility strecthes further into our sector and, beyond, into society.” 
#VODG18 conference is underway. Looking forward to hearing from some great speakers
We’re looking forward to @VODGmembership’s 2018 Conference later today. Come and say hi at our stand, and talk to us about the sleep-in report, engagement, or perhaps employee and volunteer safeguarding. See you all soon. #VODG18
Excited to be at #VODG18 Annual Conference
Plenary: Debbie Sorkin
We get ignored as social care not seen as important as healthcare @VODGmembership @Choice_Support @mcchcharity #VODG18

Debbie Sorkin

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Debbie Sorkin – joined up thinking is already part of how social care thinks and acts – “Vanguards for new ways of working”
Competition is not going away but we must all work together to define social care and have a different conversation @VODGmembership #VODG18
Social care needs to create its own narrative #VODG18
Time for social care to become top dog and tell our own story @VODGmembership @Choice_Support @mcchcharity #VODG18
Plenary: Lara Roche
Collaboration session creates a real buzz at a packed out #VODG18

Lara Roche

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Clarity, communication and courtesy are the three c’s vital to collaboration @LaraRoche2 #VODG18
Morning breakouts

  • Risk, sustainability and financial planning
  • More than a provider – towards #SocialCareFuture
  • Creating as much social value as we can
Great session from @chrisharris219 from @MHUpdates discussing the long-term issues affecting the care sector and how to plan for the future #VODG18
Thanks to our exhibitors joining VODG’s mini-market place today if your attending be sure to take a look #VODG18
Enjoyed getting @VODGmembership folks singing today There may be trouble ahead…. #VODG18
Great hearing from @SarahBurslem @AislingDuffy_ & @Huw_John1 on examples of how some @VODGmembership orgs are being more than a provider of services #VODG18 #socialcarefuture
Information exchange
Getting members up and active at the #VODG18 annual conference
Lots of great practical ideas on collaboration being shared at #VODG18 Big thanks to @LaraRoche2 for her expertise @VODGmembership #talentsphere
Hey @MattHancock – at #VODG18 today someone called you groovy
Afternoon breakouts

  • Championing leaders with lived lives
  • The NHS long-term plan
  • Continuing to manage the risks and issues as the UK prepares to leave the EU
@marion_brossard⁩ from ⁦@TSIPtweets⁩ leading a breakout on leaders with lived experience at #VODG18
Are people valuing lived experience? ⁦@marion_brossard⁩ at #VODG18
Our #VODG18 and #LTPConversations discussions are focusing on the importance of early prevention and care at home – “the system needs to do things differently” says one delegate

Emma Easton 

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Health inequalities raised as a key issue for the ten year long term plan #VODG18 #LTPConversations
VODG has been highlighting #socialcare issues and concerns associated with #Brexit since 2016. Read the latest commentary from VODG CEO @rhidianhughes here: t.co/l2l35en2vN #VODG18
Looking forward to hearing direct from @DExEUgov colleagues #VODG18 #Brexit t.co/XAWxwb9EjM
@SScown introduces Farida Leander from the @DExEUgov to talk about the UK preparing to leave the EU #VODG18
Plenary: Simon Bottery, Tamsyn Hyatt and Mark Adams
Insightful thoughts about imminent Green Paper. We ought to pay more attention on next Budget and Spending Review. #VODG18 @blimeysimon
Phew 😅- there is space to develop our definition of social care – framed well & thoughtfully the public can get it and support it! Tell a new story – humanity and moral imperatives @VODGmembership #VODG18 t.co/loQjq8jdmS
Asking for more money isn’t going to work, we need to look at new models of care and new funding” @MarkAdamsCEO says at #VODG18

Mark Adams

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Community Integrated Care’s CEO, @MarkAdamsCEO, delivers a rallying call for the sector – sharing a vision for colllaboration and social impact that Community Integrated Care will be pursuing for the years ahead. #VODG18
@VODGmembership Thank you VODG for a great conference and for holding up the impact and value of great social care and the possibilities we can create for this sector through collaboration
Let’s get on and bl***y well do it” quote of the day from @fritchie50 #VODG18
Been enjoying reading all the #VODG18 updates this evening; seems like a great day! Sad to have missed it! Well done to all involved @VODGmembership @rhidianhughes @fritchie50
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