New report puts spotlight on government’s under-funding of social care – VODG renews calls on government to shore up the sector

The new Sector Pulse Check report by Hft describes the pressures facing providers of learning disability services. The research finds that services and contracts are being handed back and some providers will start to run a financial deficit within the next two years.

Commenting on the report VODG chief executive Dr Rhidian Hughes said:

“People with a learning disability rely on the state to pay for essential care services and this new report puts the spotlight firmly on government and its failure to adequately fund the sector. Local commissioning is not keeping pace with the rising costs of care provision, investment in the sector is being seriously eroded and the sustainability of future services is now under real threat. This situation is not fair to the individuals and families who rely on care services, nor the workforce, and government must take steps to immediately shore up the sector.”

The report confirms the sector’s limited preparedness is dealing with the UK’s exit from the EU. Only four per cent of organisations in the study had completed their preparations for EU exit.

“With the ongoing uncertainty over the UK’s exit from the EU the limited preparedness in dealing with Brexit is a major source of concern. Brexit exacerbates the threat to social care because the likely economic impact may lead to less public funding and potentially create instability in the sector’s labour market. Government needs to step forward and actively plan with the sector to ensure that essential care and support services are not put at risk.”