Count me in! The conference bringing people together to eradicate over-medication

The programme for Count me in! the STOMP (STopping Over-Medication of People with a learning disability, autism or both) conference for health and social care providers, families and self-advocates, is now available to download. The conference is the culmination of a three-year campaign by NHS England and strategic partners which aims to improve the quality of life of people with a learning disability, autism or both who are prescribed psychotropic medication.

We know that people with learning disabilities experience poorer health than the general population. Meanwhile, psychotropic medicines come with significant side-effects such as movement disorders, cardiac problems, constipation, severe weight gain and a risk of developing diabetes. Consequently, the cost of long-term use of these medicines to a person’s physical health can be high.

By working collaboratively with people with learning disabilities, autism or both and their families and across the health and social care sector we can end the overuse of psychotropic medication and support people to live healthier lives. This conference will showcase successful initiatives and practice and promote cross-sector working. Delegates will also have the opportunity to pick up the STOMP card game which facilitates conversations between people with learning disabilities, autism or both and their support staff about psychotropic medication. The conference programme is available here.

The conference is now at full capacity and VODG will be sharing conference resources after the event online.  Follow the #WeSupportSTOMP twitter hashtag and sign up to the newsletter here.