Membership benefits

All organisations join VODG on a full membership basis which enable everyone to access the same membership benefits. Find out more about joining VODG in the short guide.

Short guide to joining VODG

BenefitFull MembershipAssociate Membership
Regular briefings and updates on key issues affecting health and social care providersYesYes
Invited to all VODG meetings including the annual dinner and conferenceYesYes
Representation by VODG at policy development and implementation groups at a national levelYesYes
Invited to take part in trustee activitiesYesYes
Listing of your organisation on the VODG websiteYesYes
Invited to participate in network meetings, seminars and eventsYesNo
Notes of network meetings, including slides of presentations givenYesNo
Participation in the AGM with full voting rights in the election of board membersYesNo
Eligibility to stand for election to the VODG board at the AGMYesNo

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Subscription Fees

We have different subscription fees available depending on your organisation’s turnover.


Opportunity to use one membership subscription to benefit other organisations within group structures (not associates). Full members may include up to three subsidiary organisations within their membership. This option

  • applies to up to three subsidiary organisations only
  • provides unlimited access to weekly briefings for each group
  • includes one free place per membership fee at the annual conference, network meetings and annual dinner – additional places may be purchased
  • provides for one point of contact per membership fee, including one named chief executive only
  • allows one vote per membership fee at our AGM
  • entitles each subsidiary organisation covered by this scheme to a profile page on the VODG website
  • uses the same fee structure as full membership, based on the combined income of the organisations in each group
  • does not preclude individual subsidiary organisations applying for full membership in their own right.

Each subsidiary organisation is invited to complete a separate membership engagement form to ensure representation across networks and relevant mailings.

Please note that this option is only available to full members.

This option does not apply to federated structures.