Commission on COVID-19, Disablism and Systemic Racism – How We Use Your Information

How will we use and store the information you provide? 

Your response analysed together with other responses we receive, will be used to identify common themes and help us shine a light on how things have been working for Disabled people during the pandemic, as well as how racism and discrimination may have worsened outcomes for Disabled people from Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic groups. 

Whether or not you remain anonymous, all the information you provide will be treated as confidential. We may use direct quotes from your responses, however, any identifiable information will be removed. 

The data will be stored securely online using on VODG’s Microsoft 365 system. No  personal information will be exported and all data will be deleted twelve months after the work of the Commission has concluded.  

Your participation is voluntary and you can choose to withdraw at any time. You are entitled to ask that part, or all, of the record of your involvement be deleted at any time. 

VODG is committed to protecting privacy when we collect information about individuals. When using this type of information, we adhere to the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to professional ethical guidelines and to VODG’s privacy policy

If you have any questions about this Call for Views and Experiences, please email [email protected]