Securing the future workforce

As demand for care increases while provisions are cut, providers must create a competitive edge in local labour markets and transform social care into a career of choice – all while managing mounting financial and policy pressures. It is estimated that there are at least 84,000 vacancies in the sector at any one time, and that this will continue to increase.

Together VODG members employ over 85,000 staff and securing the right workforce is one of the top three priorities amongst the membership.  Two VODG networks – HR directors and learning and development specialists – are bringing together the group to address a range of workforce issues. From insight and intelligence sharing, to benchmarking across similar organisations as well as responding to consultations and underlining the importance of a workforce perspective.

Our report following a workforce summit bringing together VODG chief executives and senior leaders exposes the critical reality of the workforce challenge ahead. The report highlights the multiple issues at work before outlining ideas for further collaboration which are now being taken up across our networks.

The decision to leave the EU reinforces the importance of a workforce perspective for disability organisations. Our programme on the impact of Brexit considers the emerging issues or the sector and our reports offer a resource for organisations as they consider their future strategy and approach.

VODG is member of the Cavendish Coalition, which brings together health and social care organisations united in their belief that EU citizens working in the sector should remain.

Additional workforce priorities for the group are:

  • Tackling unresolved issues around minimum wage regulations and HMRC activities.
  • Identifying opportunities associated with the apprenticeships levy.