Rupy Kaur | Workshop Session

Rupy Kaur is the part-time Disability Engagement Lead for VODG. She primarily works on the Covid-19 project, exploring systemic racism and disabilism, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Trust.

Rupy was born with Cerebral Palsy, is a full-time wheelchair user and has PAs who help her daily to live an active and independent life.

Rupy is a disabled activist and has championed disability rights for many years. She has been the NUS Disabled Student’s Officer, one of the youngest board members of Scope and has appeared in the media raising awareness about disability.

Rupy is also working towards completing her training to be a Health Psychologist and studies at Liverpool John Moore’s University. She works another part-time role as the Psychology Support Lead for OneLife Suffolk; an organisation dedicated to help those who live in Suffolk to become healthy and active.

Rupy identifies her main challenges as societal assumptions about what she can and cannot do. Rupy says, “I have overcome these challenges through being vocal and fighting for my needs to be met.”

Prescribing to the Social Model of Disability, Rupy is passionate about improving disabled people’s access to healthcare which is why she has chosen a career in Disability and Health Psychology.