Tackling the NHS properties challenge together

A number of VODG members have properties used to provide social care and mental health services which have either been provided by the NHS or funded through grants made by a variety of health bodies in the past. There have been some challenges associated with how these premises, and associated grant funding, worked and which couldĀ hinder providers from investing in and transforming services.

This is an issue that VODG has been campaigning on for many years. There has been recent improvements and changes to procedures that are, we hope, beginning to address these issues. VODG and the NHS England Project Appraisal Unit are holding a workshop to explain these updated procedures and to consider what further changes or clarifications could assist matters further, to enable people to have great homes for the future.

The workshop will be convened on 15 November (14.00 – 17.00) and will be relevant to any organisation with NHS properties or wishing to bid for NHS capital, including through the transforming care (building the right support) programme.

(Free) registration for the meeting, for VODG members, isĀ via this link.