Treloar Trust

The Treloar Trust was founded in 1907 by the Lord Mayor of London. We provide education, care, therapy, medical support and independence training to young people with physical disabilities from all over the UK and overseas. Our aim is to prepare these young people for adult life, giving them the confidence and skills to achieve their full potential.

Our purpose is: “To promote the relief of beneficiaries (persons with disabilities whether physical or otherwise) and in particular but without limitation by any or all of the following:
• The promotion, provision and maintenance of schools, colleges and other educational establishments
• The promotion and provision of care, therapy, treatment and counselling to beneficiaries
• The promotion of employment of beneficiaries whether by way of the creation and operation of workshops and facilities or otherwise
• The improvement of knowledge, understanding and awareness of the public into the conditions of life and needs of beneficiaries and in particular but without limitation by the promotion of research and the publication of the useful results of such research.”

Treloar School and Treloar College are run by Treloar Trust. They are comprised of a non-maintained Nursery (2-5 years), School (4-16 years) and College (16 to 25 years). In School we challenge young people and nurture their abilities to prepare them for the next stage in their lives. In College, our aim is to enable all learners to achieve their long-term goals of a more independent life and make a meaningful contribution to their community, including higher education and employment.

The Trust also offers a range of Outreach Services to the wider disabled community and lets campus facilities to local sports and activity groups and for residential stays.