Guideposts Trust

The UK has a diverse and ageing population. Millions of people are affected by disability, long-term, complex or degenerative health conditions which can leave them, or those they care for, socially isolated and without the same rights and life chances as other people. Within a patchwork of statutory and charitable services, some people do not have the information, resources, skills, support and opportunities to best manage their need(s) and live well in their community, with dignity and independence.
Our vision is a society in which all people, regardless of age or needs, are equally valued with an equality of opportunity and a chance to live the best life they can.
To deliver our Vision, our mission will be to:
Break Barriers within society - caused by misperceptions, prejudice, oversight or lack of provision
Build Bridges - with essential information, resource, services & therapeutic approaches - to help people manage their needs & connect with their communities.
Create Opportunities for people to enjoy independence in all aspects of their lives (home, families & friends, leisure, learning & work) and be an active member of society.
We achieve our mission by delivering a range of person-led Information, Advice & Guidance; Independent Living Support Services & Community Opportunities, specifically designed to put the “social” into Social Care and the “well” into Wellbeing. Our business plan exists to support and develop this work. Central to the plan is our recognition of a rapidly changing socio-economic situation and a variety of emerging commercial & partnership opportunities. In a highly competitive sector, innovation will be vital. Furthermore, our ability and creativity in measuring and demonstrating the difference which we make, through the delivery of these services, will be absolutely key to our success in achieving our strategic vision.
Therefore, we will continue to develop and delver a portfolio of services, the core deliverables of which support our mission based on a set of common values.

Willow Tree House, Two Rivers
Station Lane
OX28 4BH