Reside with Progress

Reside Housing Association joined Progress Housing Group on 30 September 2021 bringing together over 45 years of combined expertise in delivering high-quality housing and related services to meet the needs and aspirations of people with varying support needs, particularly learning disabilities and autism.

The combined organisation, which going forward will become Reside with Progress has set itself the goal of becoming the leading provider of supported living accommodation, particularly for people with a learning disability or autism, in the country.

As one provider, we will play a major part in meeting the huge need for high-quality supported living accommodation. We will enable us to deliver more new homes and to invest in even better services for our customers. We believe that this partnership will be a significant and welcome development for the sector.

Reside Housing Association

Reside Housing Association first began providing housing for people with support needs in 2002. We wanted to encourage people to be independent in the community, whilst protecting their rights and welfare.

We knew we had to develop a holistic approach to our work to become a leading specialist housing provider, so we built up partnerships with support providers and local authorities. Ultimately we wanted to give people with support needs a choice.

Progress Housing Group

Progress Housing Group developed its first supported living scheme for people with a learning disability in 1996 when it supported the closure of the long-stay wards. We were one of a handful of forward-thinking housing providers with a vision of making things better. We knew that with the right type of housing and support, people with a learning disability could be free to live the life they wanted.

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