Managing meaning and leading in turbulent times with Dr Nan Carle Beauregard

Date: Monday 9th July 2018

Time: 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Location: Social Care Institute for Excellence, Third Floor, Watson House, 54 Baker Street, W1U 7EU​ London

VODG and the Association of Mental Health Providers, in partnership with Choice Support, are hosting a leadership seminar with Nan Carle Beauregard.

Social care is faced with unprecedented levels of uncertainly and disruption. The work that we thought we came into the field to do often feels like it is unravelling in front of our eyes. Good leadership is hard. And yet, it is vital to preserve and illuminate the values that demonstrate that we can be generous, creative and kind. Margaret Wheatley calls these efforts creating ‘islands of sanity’. Many of you have examples of when you have instinctively known how to navigate the stormy seas of disruption and chaos – sustaining your own sanity and that of the people around you. Let’s build on these experiences and strengthen the cadre of leadership in the not-for-profit sector of social care.

Join us with Nan Carle Beauregard for an interactive seminar to reflect and explore the kind of leadership that sustains our best human qualities. Key questions include: “What matters to you enough to take a stand? What new skills are required to promote “islands of sanity” so that we can really make a meaningful difference? How do you retain a focus on the current reality and also retain a sense of humour?”

Let’s make our conversations matter.


About Dr Nan Carle Beauregard

Nan Carle Beauregard’s career has pushed at the frontiers of social inclusion from multiple directions. She has challenged and changed policy and practice to enable communities to have the skills and knowledge to resolve conflicts and unleash the power of individuals to support and care for one another.

Nan works from an evaluative framework that sees things as they could be and finds ways of achieving visions of possibilities. She has worked with people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds and a wide range of abilities to pursue and follow their hopes and aspirations. True to her roots, education is the family business and spreading hope is her life’s journey.

Nan now lives in Morrisville, Vermont with her husband and two sweet puppies Nikki and Max. She travels to the UK twice a year where she serves as coach and consultant to managers, policy makers, families and others who are seeking to strengthen our communities. She has developed and directed the Inclusive Leadership Lab with Sally Warren at Paradigm. Importantly to Nan, she is the co-founder and Patron of Choice Support. She is also a Fellow of the Centre for Welfare Reform.


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