Making a Difference: Leading in Turbulent Times

Date: Monday 4th December 2017

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Location: Choice Support | 100 Westminster Bridge Road | London | SE1 7XA

VODG occasional seminar in partnership with Choice Support

Uncertainty storms around us and our anxiety magnifies with relentless distractions coming at us from all directions. Fear is real. How do we lead surrounded by such fear, distraction and unleashed harshness?  Are justice, equality, dignity and respect just pretty words on paper?  Or can we get out of the way of the firefighting and intentionally lead our services toward a healthier today and brighter future for the people we support, our staff, our communities and all of us?  Together?

We know the realities. There is an increasing demand for services with rising costs, and a workforce that is worried and resistant to come on board. These are very real problems that we need to face – now! And, there are also real innovations emerging from the unprecedented changes of funding, expectations and policy making.

Join us with Nan Carle Beauregard for an interactive seminar to reflect and reclaim our leadership roles in this time and place. We will focus on expanding your leadership practices that manage conflict and embrace diversity. There are so many positive things emerging in the social care world – let’s make sure they do not get over shadowed by a negative press and conversations designed to distract and hurt. Let’s make our conversations matter. Join us!

About Dr Nan Carle Beauregard

Nan Carle Beauregard’s career has pushed at the frontiers of social inclusion from multiple directions. She has challenged and changed policy and practice to enable communities to have the skills and knowledge to resolve conflicts and unleash the power of individuals to support and care for one another. Nan has developed and directed the Inclusive Leadership Lab with Sally Warren at Paradigm. Importantly to Nan, she is the cofounder and Patron of Choice Support. She is also a Fellow of the Center for Welfare Reform.