Can technology transform the way we deliver social care?

Can technology transform the way we deliver adult social care? On Friday 13 January VODG held an event in partnership with NCF -championing the use of technology in social care. The event was part of the voluntary sector strategic partnership backed by the Department of Health, NHS England and Public Health England.

Key points and resources

1. Mick Ward, Deputy Director, Integrated Commissioning Leeds City Council, gave a presentation on the Leeds smart city agenda.

Mick’s presentation outlined the journey Leeds is taking to maximise the advantages of technology in supporting disabled and older people. The presentation demonstrated how Leeds have developed a health and wellbeing platform utilising smart information and open data collection with multiple benefits for citizens.
Mick highlighted that it is essential to have a city’s commitment to digital leadership, underpinned by service engagement and coproduction.He emphasised the need to balance work with large companies as well as smaller enterprises. He also reiterated that local authorities should assist organisations to understand key health and well-being issues, and are an important route to market.
Slide deck - Mick Ward 
Slide deck – Mick Ward


Link - Leeds care record
Link – Leeds care record


2. Helen Arthur, Harnessing Technology Lead, gave a presentation on the new care models programme as part of the NHS England five year forward view.

Helen outlined future plans in harnessing technology in care homes and assisted living, as well as the possibilities and challenges of applying technology to support integrated health and social care.
The presentation demonstrated how vanguards are developing cloud based solutions such as the NEWS tablet which enables interventions that improve outcome. A number of benefits such as reducing hospital admissions and improving relationships with staff, were highlighted.
Slide deck - Helen Arthur 
Slide deck – Helen Arthur


Link - Local Government Association programme
Link – Local Government Association programme


3. Huw John, Camphill Village Trust (CVT) Chief Executive Officer and Phil Gibson, Project Manager, gave a presentation on CVT Connect. 

Huw and Phil discussed how and why we invested in their own app at CVT. It provides a very practical approach to supporting people to develop skills, confidence and safety awareness in their use of social media. The app has also improved co-production and personalisation and is encouraging an important culture shift within CVT.
The presentation also outlined the potential for future developments, such as incorporating support and care planning tools and developing outcome measurements, as well as continuing to use technology to improve services and governance. The video demonstrating the app can be found below.
Slide deck - Huw John and Phil Gibson 
Slide deck – Huw John and Phil Gibson


Film - CVT connect 
Film – CVT connect


4. What next? 

This was an important agenda setting event, and participants wanted to meet again to share learning and experiences around how technology is being used to support the delivery of services for disabled and older people. Further work is also needed to jointly examine the barriers organisations are facing as well as to explore technological solutions. To express interest in this further work please email [email protected]

If you missed it…

Report - Technology is changing the way we live. Can it also transform the way we deliver adult social care? 
Report – Technology is changing the way we live. Can it also transform the way we deliver adult social care?


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