Co-Chair FAQ

We ask co-chairs to stand for a minimum of one year. There isn’t a fixed term, but to allow other members the opportunity to benefit from the role, we would encourage a maximum of three years in post

The answer here is no! VODG head office carries out all admin, notifications, meeting and event management. Co-chairs are asked to provide ideas to help facilitate the meeting, to attend any planning meetings and to help chair the events.

There are two annual online meetings (depending on the network, these are anything between two to three hours long), and one longer in-person event (currently based in London) that runs from 10am to 3pm.

We request co-chairs to attend at least one planning meeting prior to each event, which is usually 30 minutes ti one hour long.


  • 3 planning meetings (February, June, October)
  • 3 network meetings (March, September, December)

We may also follow up planning meetings by email, but these are not time intensive or very numerous.

We may occasionally run more events due to topical or urgent issues within the sector (i.e. COVID, etc.)

In addition to support from VODG head office, we also work to ensure there is at least one other co-chair from the membership to work with you. We also, whenever possible, allow for a period of shadowing to ease new co-chairs into the role.