Further STOMP resources

A range of resources have been produced across the health and social care sector to help organisations to deliver their STOMP pledge.

1. Good practice resources

Preparing to visit a doctor by VODG is guide for a support worker who is accompanying a person with a learning disability, autism or both to a GP or consultant appointment to talk about psychotropic medication.

STOMP audit of the use of psychotropic medication enables providers to develop an overview of how these medicines are managed in their organisation.

MacIntyre guide for staff on poly pharmacy.

STOMP good practice guide by CMG gives guidance and is based on real life examples in reducing over-medication.

Sense leaflet on keeping people safe and reducing restrictions, and a poster on managing medication.

Learning Disability Professional Senate guide, what can I do about challenging behaviour?

Challenging Behaviour Foundation medication pathway for families of people with learning disabilities and/or autism who are prescribed or may be prescribed psychotropic medication.

STOMP prescribing guidance for GP’s contains information on best practice for GP’s. This will help providers consider how to work with prescribers to reduce over-medication.

Royal College of Psychiatrists prescribing guidelines.

Skills for Care workforce development resources can give people working in the sector the skills and confidence to use alternative approaches and help stop inappropriate use of medication. This guide also sets out workforce development for commissioners and providers seeking to minimise the use of restrictive practices.

British Institute of Learning Disabilities resources about positive behaviour support.

Care Quality Commission guide on positive behaviour support.

Further good practice resources are available on the NHS England website.

2. Films

Mixit STOMP it out!

Walsingham Support STOMP film for people with learning disabilities.

Lets talk about poo and you by Dimensions.

A series of films by Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust about STOMP.

More films are available on the NHS England website.

3. Case studies

Dimensions organisational case study on implementing STOMP.

Walsingham Support organisational case study on engaging people who use services.

Ben’s story at Turning Point.

RI’s story about reducing chlorpromazine.

Jo’s story at Sense.

More films are available on the NHS England website.

‘If in doubt – speak out!’ my brother’s story.

4. Research

Public Health England: Prescribing of psychotropic medication for people with learning disabilities and autism.

Care Quality Commission: Survey of medication for detained patients with a learning disability.

NHS Improving Quality: Improving the use of medicines in people with learning disabilities.

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