STOMP: Stopping the over-medication of people with a learning disability, autism or both

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STOMP is a health campaign to stop the over-use of psychotropic medication to manage people’s behaviour.

It is estimated that on an average day in England between 30,000 and 35,000 people with a learning disability, autism or both are taking prescribed psychotropic medication without appropriate clinical justification. This is medication which results in alterations to perception, mood or consciousness. Long-term use of these medicines puts people at unnecessary risk of a wide range of side effects including weight gain, organ failure and even premature death.

In response VODG, NHS England and sector stakeholders have developed the STOMP pledge for social care. This aims to improve the quality of life of people with a learning disability, autism or both by supporting providers to ensure they only receive psychotropic medication for the right reasons and in the right amount.

1. Download the STOMP pledge for social care

The pledge offers a framework to support social care providers to identify practical steps they will take to support people to reduce the amount of inappropriate psychotropic medication they take.

2. Download the STOMP guidance for social care

The guidance document explains how to implement the STOMP pledge and provides links to useful resources.

3. Download the self-assessment and planning template

The template enables providers to assess their own performance, develop an action plan and measure progress. Please send your completed self-assessment and action plan to

4. Further resources

STOMP it out! provides introductory information about STOMP.

STOMP prescribing guidance for GP’s contains information on best practice for GP’s. This will help providers consider how to work with prescribers to reduce over-medication.

STOMP audit of the use of psychotropic medication enables providers to develop an overview of how these medicines are managed in their organisation.

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