Delivering transforming care through the VODG Provider Taskforce

NHS England has a policy ambition to move people with learning disability, autism and/or mental health conditions out of long-stay inpatient facilities under the national plan entitled Building the right support.

The VODG Provider Taskforce was originally established in 2015 to collectively respond to delivering the national plan and transforming care. The taskforce is a sub-group of the broader VODG membership.

The taskforce consists of organisations that provide care and support for people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs. Each member of the taskforce has been independently quality assured in terms of their experience in supporting people who are identified as meeting transforming care criteria (such as having been an inpatient or are at risk of admission).

Through VODG, the taskforce offers statutory organisations, government and sector agencies a single point of contact to engage and work with voluntary sector organisations experienced in delivering high quality community services.

Working under the VODG umbrella, the organisations involved offer support to local authority and NHS commissioners to develop person-centred approaches and high quality support assessments for people who have been in inpatient units and meet the transforming care criteria. VODG also provides national representation and advice on steering groups and boards.