VODG Quality and Safeguarding Meeting | Health and Safety (Jan 2022)

Wednesday 12 January 2022, 09.30 – 10.30

VODG Co-chairs

  • Abigail Peake
  • Misha Fontenot


Welcome 09.30 Kerry Hamilton, VODG Head of Membership
Introductions 09.35 Abigail Peake, Co-Chair
H&S KIT – how the KIT will work going forward- Open Discussion 09.40 Misha Fontenot, Co-Chair
H&S sector specific updates – e.g. updates to COVID Guidance, recent HSE enforcement actions 09.50 Abigail Peake, Co-Chair
H&S surgery

  • Help needed
  • Burning issues
10.00 Trudy Clements, Group Health and Safety Manager at Dimensions-UK and Mark Wignall, Health and Safety Practitioner at Walsingham Support
Future meetings 10.20 Abigail Peake, Co-Chair
Final round up 10.25 Kerry Hamilton, VODG Head of Membership
Finish 10.30