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National Skills Academy

nsa logoThe VODG is delighted to have established a formal partnership with the National Skills Academy - an employer-led membership organisation for anyone committed to excellence in adult social care in England. The VODG and the Skills Academy are social care organisations with common goals in relation to supporting and championing excellent social care.  The organisations have already supported each other and promoted programmes and initiatives where a joint approach has been beneficial.

The VODG and the Skills Academy wish to develop this successful partnership.  One of the key Skills Academy programmes is centred on it becoming a membership body for organisations and individuals across social care.  As part of its developing Membership programme the Skills Academy will work with the VODG to establish reciprocal arrangements covering areas where each organisation might help and support the other in relation to building member services and numbers.

Specifically the Skills Academy will provide a 20% discount on its membership fees across all bands for VODG members, providing indicative savings (based on annual organisational turnover levels) as follows:




Up to £500k




£500k - £1m




£1m - £5m








The Skills Academy and the VODG will explore options for introducing joint membership for organisations not previously members of either body.

The Skills Academy and the VODG will explore options for having combined discounted membership fees, alongside tailored services and opportunities, for new members of both organisations.

The Skills Academy will explore the possibility of providing discounts specifically for VODG members on its programmes and events, including leadership courses and coaching.