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26 Apr 2012

Integration should be the white paper watchword

Cohesive commissioning and collaborative use of resources should be hallmarks of the white paper, says the VODG.

Writing for the Guardian social care network, VODG General Secretary John Adams stresses that almost, 15 years since Tony Blair declared a vision of Britain as "the best place to grow old", his unrealistically high expectations are yet to be met.

He adds: "Tempting though it is to anticipate the forthcoming white paper as a once in a lifetime opportunity to reform social care, there is good reason to avoid pinning such high hopes on it. In looking ahead to what the white paper could achieve, it is worth looking back at the low priority status that previous governments have granted to social care." In meeting the challenge of how resources can be used more efficiently and the needs of an ageing population met and reforms be funded within current levels of expenditure, integration is key.

Read the rest of the piece on the Guardian website.