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Current VODG Publications

Latest Reports:

Powerful true stories reveal success of person-centred approach in modernising social care

A young man with complex needs who now lives in supported housing instead of secure, institutional care and a deaf, learning disabled man who recruits his own care staff are among the individuals featured in a report published today by the sector’s leading umbrella group.

The report Making it Real: personalisation in social care, a case study report (PDF, 3.3Mb), illustrates in practical terms through true stories, how the Making it Real initiative from Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP) has the power to transform adult social care. It describes how Making it Real enables families and carers to judge how far they are at the centre of care and enables providers to mark progress towards personalisation and measure and illustrate impact to funders - crucial amid unprecedented spending cuts.

Workforce planning is vital in delivering person-centred support:

The report describes how VODG member Enham Trust developed a workforce to support personalisation and person-centred care.

Providers and commissioners alike will learn useful lessons from Enham’s story.

Download Workforce planning to achieve person-centred support (PDF, 2.3Mb)

Hard Truths:

The government has published its full response to the inquiry led by Robert Francis in to the events at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. "The extent of the failure of the system shown in this report suggests that a fundamental culture change is needed," Robert Francis QC. "We need to hear the patient, seeing everything from their perspective, not the system's interests … and we need to face up to the hard truths ­ from excellent to unacceptably poor ­ about what that system delivers for patients." Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt responds to the Francis report. Many of the lessons from the Francis Inquiry apply equally to social care and chief executives and Boards should carefully consider the findings.

Read the VODG's latest topline briefing on the government's latest response.

Download VODG topline briefing final report (PDF, 246Kb)

Why the Francis Inquiry matters to social care providers:

This two-part briefing produced for VODG members in conjunction with the NCF and Sue Ryder aims to explain why the Francis Inquiry and the resulting reforms are important to social care providers. Part 1 introduces the background to the Inquiry and the evolving policy response.

Part 2 considers some of the implications of the Francis Inquiry and other recent reviews, for social care providers, and attempts to draw together some of the overarching 'improvement themes' that providers should be aware of. It also recommends a number of key areas for the attention of chief executives, directors and Chairs of Boards. The briefings are not intended as a detailed analysis of Francis but instead offer social care providers a broad narrative explaining why these reforms are as relevant to them as to health services.

Download Francis Inquiry Part 1 (PDF, 277Kb)
Download Francis Inquiry Part 2
(PDF, 324Kb)

Using assistive technology to support personalisation in social care:

This VODG and NCF report shows, assistive technology doesn‘t need to be expensive or complicated. It does, however, need a shift in attitude towards the individuals we support, transferring the focus from someone’s disabilities to their abilities.

Download 'Assistive Technology Report' (PDF, 938Kb)

The VODG's briefing, Ordinary residence, extraordinary mess:

Outlines how disputes arise when someone decides to move from residential care in the second local authority into supported accommodation within the same area. The first authority argues that it is no longer responsible for funding, but the second authority (where the person actually lives) argues against funding someone not originally from the area. These disputes can drag on for many months.

Download Ordinary residence, extraordinary mess (PDF, 357Kb)

Information is power: arguing for a return to care ratings:

Report from VODG and NCF outlining why a fresh system is needed to rate care homes and explains why the current regime is inadequate.

Download 'Information is power' (PDF, 2Mb)
Download Print-Friendly Report: Information is power (387Kb)

Advocacy: a voice for our future:

Better safeguarding, greater personalisation and improved support planning are among the benefits of advocacy, as outlined in a report from the VODG.

Download 'Advocacy: a voice for our future' (PDF, 800Kb)

Workforce planning: innovations in recruitment:

The VODG has been working with the Centre for Workforce Intelligence and VODG member Certitude who describe in this ‘In Focus’ paper how they have recruited and trained for social care work, helping to build workforce capacity in their organisation.

Download 'In Focus' Issue One (PDF, 1.7Mb)

Further Reports:

  • What's changing in the NHS: This briefing has been produced for VODG & NCF members working as joint DH Strategic Partners. The briefing aims to increase awareness of the health and social care changes happening right across the NHS and local government.
    Download What's changing in the NHS (PDF 536Kb)
  • Preparing for CQC inspection: This new booklet has been co-produced by CQC and the Care Providers Alliance - including the VODG, to help you be ready for and understand a CQC inspection. The booklet will help you understand how CQC check your compliance with the regulations. It also includes practical suggestions for things you may want to consider in preparation for an inspection.
    Download Preparing for CQC inspection (PDF 170Kb)
  • The Public Services (Social Value) Bill: These two briefings explains why VODG members need to be mindful of the new provisions contained in the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012.
    Download Public Services Briefing (PDF 130Kb)
    Download Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 - Briefing for VODG Members (PDF 128Kb)
  • Top Ten Tips When Choosing a Support Provider: New piece of work from the VODG marketing group, Top Ten Tips When Choosing a Support Provider, a user-friendly guide to purchasing care. The guide is aimed at anyone who needs to buy support for themselves, a friend or relative. It aims to help you learn what to look for when choosing a provider and the questions to ask in sourcing and paying for support.
    Download 'Top Ten Tips When Choosing a Support Provider' (PDF 72Kb)
    Download easy-read version (PDF 2.5Mb)
  • Another Way: transforming people’s lives through good practice in social care: A VODG report published in response to the Winterbourne View scandal which exposed the abuse of people with complex learning disabilities at a care unit in Bristol.
    Download VODG Report, 'Another Way' (PDF 616Kb)
  • When is a Care Home not a Care Home: This briefing looks at the issue of how the Care Quality Commission (“CQC”) determines whether a service should be registered as a care home or not. Joint Report by VODG and Anthony Collins Solicitors.
    Download Full Briefing (PDF 144Kb)
  • What can Voluntary and Community Organisations offer to GP Commissioning Consortia? Abby Lee at RAISE and Jenny Harlock (NCF/VODG) have co-produced a briefing for GP consortia.
    Download Full Briefing (PDF 306Kb)
  • VODG Briefing Note - Agency Workers Regulations 2010: The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 come into force on 1 October 2011. Joint Report by VODG and Anthony Collins LLP.
    Download Agency Workers Regulations 2010
    (PDF 138Kb)
  • Maximising Service Outcomes: the contribution of capital finance and assets. Joint Report by VODG and Centre for Public Service Partnerships. Download 'Maximising service outcomes' Report (Word Doc 122Kb)
  • Not In My Backyard: VODG report calling for action on NIMBYist local authorities. Download 'Not In My Backyard' Report (PDF 2Mb)
  • Gain Without Pain: A VODG report on how the voluntary sector can save time and money. Download Full 'Gain Without Pain' Report (PDF 2.5Mb)
  • Uncertain Futures: The VODG Response to the social care Green Paper.
  • Shadow Lands: A VODG report in to transitions from youth to adult services. Download 'Shadow Lands' Report (PDF 450Kb)
  • No Place Like Home: A VODG report into disputes about people's place of ordinary residence. Download 'No Place Like Home' Report (PDF 626Kb)

For copies of any of the above reports please email

The NHS Constitution: what you need to know

In January 2010 an NHS Constitution was published setting out the values and principles of the NHS. This briefing sets out some of the most relevant principles for anyone commissioning, providing and using National Health Service care. It was produced by NCPC, the National Care Forum and the VODG as Department of Health Strategic Partners. This briefing is available as a free download from the NCPC website

The Care Funding Calculator

Nationally agreed protocol to inform use of the calculator. Download 'Care Funding Calculator' (PDF 106Kb)