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Members - Please Link to this Site

vodg badgeIf you you have a 'Resources' or 'Links' page on your website, it would be helpful to us if you could add a link to this site. By linking to this site you will improve our Search Engine (Google, etc) ranking, therefore making it more prominent and easier to find.

You as Members will benefit too

Google ranks sites by their 'authority': higher authority means you appear higher up Google's search results pages. The accumulative effect of many of VODG's high profile members linking to this site, will give the site a very high 'authority' ranking. And because every VODG member has their own page on this site, with links pointing directly to each members website, the authority VODG has gained will be reciprocated in all those outbound links. In other words, if the VODG site has a high authority ranking, all the external sites it links to, will also gain authority.

Choose one of our code snippets

To add our small members badge to your site (see above), please copy the code snippet below and paste it where you want the image to appear on your website:

<a href=""><img title="vodg member" src="" alt="vodg member" width="100" height="78" /></a>

For a simple text link, please copy and paste the code snippet below:

<a href="">Visit the VODG Website</a>